La Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle

20.000 candles were lighted 3.10.2009.


Montagne de Bueren photografed from

the 18th floor of the town hall.


Les Greniers de Bueren Brocante 11.sept.

Flee market on the stairs Sept.11th 2011.


videos: Bueren de fleurs (RTC) + YouTube




More languages coming! Flera språk på väg!


Montagne de Bueren



The steps are located in the historical heart of Liège. There are 374 stairs from the bottom to the top. In June 2010 on the stairs there were arranged "Bueren de fleurs" and 17.500 flowerpots were brought for the decoration. Every year on the first Saturday of October 20.000 candles are being lighted on the stairs. On sunday September 11th 2011 there was being arranged the flee market on the stairs; "Les Greniers de Bueren Brocante".                  Photo-album from Liége




Liège (in French) - Luik (in Dutch) - Lüttich (in German)


The map of the historical heart of the town 

Photo taken from down July 19th 2009 (SonyEricsson C702)

Photo taken from up June 24th 2009 (Canon FS100)

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