Chez Clara et Geert

We would like to welcome you in our family guest house in the middle of the stairs of the Montagne de Bueren in Liège. We have two rooms available with stunning views looking over the valley. The city has a lot to offer, perhaps you can go for a gentle stroll around the village and the nearby parks, you could try delicious local cuisine at one of the local eateries. Come sleep on high altitudes, with stunning views and great hosts.

Welcome home.

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About the Montagne de Bueren

Several tiny medieval passageways burrow beneath the house fronts of Rue Hors Chateau, most disappearing into picturesque hidden yards, but well worth exploring. However, the Montagne de Bueren continues steeply up all the way to the top of the former citadel hill in 374 steps. At the top is a war memorial and city panorama point behind which are the grassy 5m-tall brick fortress bastions.

It’s less strenuous to climb the narrow side stairways that lead past the Curtius Brewery into the gated Terraces des Minimes. Formerly the terraced fruit gardens of a series of religious orders, this is now a lovely hillside park-garden with great views that survey the incredible chaos of Liège’s rooftops.

Source: Lonely Planet

Discover Liège

Liège has a lot to offer to those who want to discover and experience a stunning city.
Check out the Visit Liège website and discover all the touristic and cultural attractions.

Visit Liège

 Liège – Luik – Lüttich

There are lot’s of yearly events and expositions in the Côteaux de la Citadelle,
check to see if it is in the weekend you will be here!

Events and Expo's

Our local favorites:

  • Toutes Directions (travel book and coffee shop)
  • Marché de la Batte (sunday market by the Meuse)
  • Flee-market St Pholien at OutreMeuse ( every friday morning)
  • Meet the Greeters   info: